Brand’s Stories

Every brand has their own sweet and sour stories. Advertising is part of your brand’s growing stories. Our products can help your branding grow further and wider.

Gain the maximum exposure with minimum cost by using our product which is custom made to match with your brand and stories line.

Stickers can come in all sorts of types, shapes, sizes and colors as we always mentioned. It’s durable and can apply indoor and outdoor on various public displays and definitely affordable and suitabe for many different advertising and marketing purpose such as labels, barcode, contact information, product details, badges and many more. Suitable for all levels of business, no matter you are operate a small, medium or big company, stickers is always a very useful tool to promote your business and products.

Vehicle Advertising

Best advertising method with lowest cost. You can start advertising with just RM1.70* per day! Advertising your product or services anywhere on the road and even your vehicles is parked in the parking lot. Grab attention of your potential customer with your nicely decorated vehicles.

We can wrap your bus, lorry, cars or even motorbike with our ready made template or as per your favorite design artwork. One stop service provider with designing, printing and also installation for your needs.

Labels and signage

We do provide labels stickers printing as well to suit your application and products. Special cutting shape can be done to be look more attractive.

Add a pinch of your personality to anything you want! Make stickers fun and special as you custom make your very own brand sticker labels and give it that unique touch. With a selection of sizes and designs to choose from, you can leave an impression that’ll stick around.

Our sticker labels use quality adhesive that ensures your label attaches neatly to most surfaces and leaves no residue when removed. Your design is also directly printed onto the sticker paper which is durable and sturdy against the elements.


1. Where can I apply the sticker ?

– You may apply on any smooth and clean surface.

2. Can I apply the stickers on the inside at the window ?

– You may request stickers reversed, but we do not recommend to apply stickers directly onto the tint, it may be difficult to see the stickers from the outside

3. Can I wash my car after stickers installation

– Wait for 2-3 days and you may wash as usual, best to avoid high pressure wash and be careful on the edges of the stickers

4. Can I remove the stickers ?

– Yes you can remove the stickers gently after slightly heated using hairdryer.

5. Can I reuse the stickers ?

– No, you can’t reuse the stickers after removal.

6. How do I remove air bubble ?

– Tiny bubbles will simply disappear after a week or 2, let the vehicle sit in the sun may speed up the process. If the bubble still remaining, you may use a pin to poke and  use finger to push out the air.

7. How much does the stickers cost?

– Custom stickers are made to your size specification, we don’t know until we know the size you would like. Custom drawing, quantity, amount of work involved and how many color you use are also factored into the price.


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