Our Services - Car Wrapping / Full Wrapping


Time Saver
Car wrapping is a quick process compared to car painting. Choosing car paint, you are without transportation for more than a week and maybe longer. You will go through the process of repeating priming and drying each time you put on extra layer. Car wrapping process takes less than a week to transform your car, you can show it off on the road after 2-5 days.
Various choices
Hundred of color choices and printed graphic available, you can transform the look of your car every few years, all you have to do is just remove it and choose the new color. You can even get car wrap in a brushed and carbon fiber (textured) look that car paint cannot do.
Car wrap not only covering old paint,making your car looks brand new again, it also protects your factory paintwork underneath from stone chips, scratches and sun damage.
Preserve resale value

Because the wrap able to maintain and protect the original paintwork underneath, it preserve the resale value of your car when it comes to time you want to sale your car, the wrap is 100% removable, you can sell your car in its original color.
Durable & easy maintenance
You’ll never have to polish & wax again !! The wrap is easy to maintain, a microfiber towel and a hand washing with only soap and water, it will look shine and brand new again. With proper care, the wrap can last up to 3 years – ** assuming the wrap been taking good care since first day.

  1. How much does the wrap cost ?
  • Depends. The cost increase by how much of it you wish to wrap, complexity of design and material choice. You can either choose full wrap or partial wrap – which cost you less.
  1. How long does it take to wrap the car ?
  • Depends on vehicle’s size, we tend to need 1-3 days of installation.
  1. How long does the car wrap last ?
  • Anywhere from 2-3 years. The lifespan of the car wrap highly affected by how often you park your car outdoor. Park your car indoor will maximize the lifespan of your wrap to the fullest.
  1. Can I wash the car after wrapped ?
  • Yes, regular hand wash only. Avoid high pressure wash.
  1. Can I remove the wrap ?
  • Yes, with quality material, you can remove the wrap easily and cleanly – assuming the paintwork was in good condition when wrap applied correctly . If you unsure about the wrap removal, please visit us.
  1. Will the wrap damage the paintwork of the car ?
  • No, if your paintwork is in good standard condition when wraps applied. Unless the car has been repainted previously. It is best for us to check your car’s paintwork in case the paintwork is not in good condition.
  1. Can I wrap the car if my car has the dents or rust on it ?
  • We recommend to sanded the paint peeling, dent and rusted part prior to car wrap to insure smooth installation. The wrap film itself is very thin and it will not cover the imperfections of the paintwork.
Lamborghini Silver Chrome Full Wrap 1
Lamborghini Silver Chrome Full Wrap 2
Lamborghini Silver Chrome Full Wrap 3
Lamborghini Silver Chrome Full Wrap 5
Lamborghini Silver Chrome Full Wrap 6